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Faucet cleaning tips
By:2009-12-29 13:30:29   

    Faucet is our home everyday essential facilities, in order to ensure the health of themselves and their families, we must do daily cleaning faucet, here are some tips:

1, with a soft cloth to clean the surface coated with toothpaste, and then clean the surface with water and can not use alkaline detergent or use scouring pad, steel ball to paint on trial, so as not to damage the surface plating.
2, a single-handle faucet in the use of the process, to slowly open and close, you can not double-handle faucet off too dead, otherwise it would stop cock off, causing off or not, it does not stop the water.
3, the outlet will be part of the general foaming device (also known as foam control, not the same leader, foam is also identical), because of water problems, leading often to use a small amount of water after a period of time, it may be because foam generator is blocked by debris, you can unscrew the water or foam Used needles to clear debris.

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