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Beauty cupboard cleaning and maintenance tips
By:2010-02-03 14:26:44   
       Countertops artificial stone, fireproof board , stainless steel , natural stone , wood and other materials , different materials have different cleaning methods. Artificial stone and stainless steel cabinets do not use hard scouring pads , steel wool , chemicals wipe or wash steel brushing , use a soft towel , soft scouring pad or wipe with water, wipe with a brightener , otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion. Firewood steel cabinets can use household cleaners, use a nylon brush or nylon ball , and then wipe damp towel . Natural stone countertops suitably soft scouring pad , using toluene -based cleaners can not wipe , otherwise difficult to remove flowers white . If the cabinets are wood material , the dust should be cleaned first , and then with a dry cloth or with a special lotion to wipe maintenance logs , do not use a wet rag and oil cleaning products .
Artificial stone for an entity without pores of dense material , resistant to stains erosion characteristics of various types of food , edible oil , soy sauce , vinegar, alcohol, iodine , citric acid , lipstick, shoe polish, ink , and most other stains on the artificial stone is not threat has excellent durability , easy maintenance and cost savings without waxing it features more widely used in family and commercial space .
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