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Director’s qualification

     Our Founder and Executive Director, Miss Yip Ching Kuen, has actively participated in the cleaning industry for 15 years.

   In order to enrich her skill and knowledge in the field, she joined the “Cleaning Supervision Course” organized by the “Hong Kong Cleaning Association Ltd.” in 2000 and obtained the graduation certificate.  In 2009, with the aim to improve her management skill she took the “Small Enterprise Management Program” and “Property Management High Diploma Course”

Company background

    Yip’s Cleaning (“Yip’s”) was established in 2000, and was registered as a limited company in 2004.

   We believe that each job represents the Company’s image. With the aim to provide high quality service, we respect our clients’ special requests and needs, and continuously improve our services to provide a clean, comfortable and quality environment to our customers. As such, we manage to maintain a seat in the cleaning industry.

Management Ideal

      Yip’s adopts an effective delegation policy in its management strategy.  We have difference divisions to carry out designated jobs and each division is headed by a Senior Management Superintendent.

Safety and Environment Strategy

     We have set up an effective guideline handbook on job safety and environment control. So our staff and other people involved in our work can enjoy a safe and healthy environment.

   All newly employed staff will go through some basic training provided by our senior staff before they are placed to the job locations.  They are also required to observe our cleaning safety rules before commencing work.

   All hurtful cleaning products, especially cleaning chemicals , and tools are stored properly in a safe place.

   We require our cleaning product suppliers to label clearly the usage method on the product.  Each Foreman is trained to know the nature of each cleaning product and how to use it.

On-Site Training

   Our aim is to fulfill our clients’ need, and we believe that in order to improve our cleaners’ performance standard we must give them more training.  Therefore, we often send our staff to take various cleaning courses organized by the “Hong Kong Cleaning Association” and “Vocational Training Centre”.

On-Site Staff

   The Foreman stationed at each site has attended the “Cleaning Supervision/Supervisor” course organized by the “Hong Kong Cleaning Association” and “Vocational Training Centre”.

Scaffolding Work

   Staff assigned to high-altitude cleaning jobs must attend the “Aluminium Scaffolding Supervision Certificate Course”.

Address: Workshop 3,6/F,Kwai Wu Industrial Building,89 Ta Chuen Ping Street,Kwai Chung,N.T.
Tel: 27827208
Contact: Ms Yip
E-mail: info@yipsclean.imsbiz.com.hk
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